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Perusing through the aisles at Barnes and Noble I pull a book off the shelf. The front cover exclaims Everyone can Write! I look over at the guy picking his nose behind MacBeth.


Sure, everyone can write, but should they? I cannot deny the truth of this phrase but I do not like it. Everyone can write, glued my writing to my hard drive for years. The amount of published content always overwhelmed me. The number of self-proclaimed writers distracted from the specialness of my favorite brilliant authors who I aspired to. So I wrote for years as a hobby for myself.  

Something changed for me though.

A new perspective is tearing the pages out of the notebook clutched close to my chest and scattering the secret words into the wind to land in your hands.


The change was not a confidence boost. The change was not a need for money or validation. My fresh perspective is an acute awareness of you, my reader.

The readers and listeners all around me every day are wonderful, unique, highly imaginative people. I was made aware of just how special this inner circle around me was when I began attending a publishing and marketing class in October of 2018. The foundational principle of the class was identifying our audience. We gave you a name, wrote your personality profiles, jotted down your favorite pass times, even the things that make you nervous. I was told to ask myself one very important question before I was allowed to remain in the class.

Reader, are you interested in what they asked me?

Am I able to write intentionally for my audience?

Some people in our class dropped. Some people are still struggling to answer a committed yes! But my answer bolstered me into this project which you are now apart of. I have one commitment for you. We are going on a great adventure together this year to discover your greatest story. is for all types of stories and excerpts and for discussions with others. This website is a space to meet authors you have never read before or writers you always read. The blog is for learning how to find the story that resonates most with your heart and to be bodly vulnerable as you share a great story with others. Even if that story is a personal one.

The feature of the blog I am most excited to bring to you is a plethora of fresh short stories. Once a month a new short, never published before, will be posted for you to read and enjoy. Later in the week, a matching set of discussion questions will be posted. There will also be an open comment section for everyone to discuss their thoughts about the story. I hope you will be open to new formats, character profiles, and genres because we are going to explore as many as we can together.

Thank you for being here. I am so excited you stopped by the website to engage in this awesome project. If you favorite the website I hope to hear all about it @makleppinger or Madeleine Kleppinger Writes. Be on the lookout for fun new website launch announcements before our engagement date March 4th when the first short story will be released.

A Calendar of Reads : 2019

A Calendar of Reads : 2019