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Gaining Success Should Not Be Complicated – An Interview with Motivational Writer Anthony Moore

Gaining Success Should Not Be Complicated – An Interview with Motivational Writer Anthony Moore

If you were driving down the highway and a sign emerged, Best Life – Exit Here, would you take the exit?

Sometimes change, growth, transformation, and development are not as routine as getting off the highway. The battle to fight a sedentary state of mind can leave us worn out and agitated. Putting on cruise control though, could have you headed down a long road, in the wrong direction.

Long time self-improvement advocate and new author, Anthony Moore, believes in turning off the cruise and stepping on the gas. His book, What Extraordinary People Know, was released August 6, 2019. It is chock full of directions to steer clear of apathy, dodge career potholes, and rev up your spirit for engaging in your life. His book is a speedy quick read, designed with the intention of equipping you and removing any barriers that may become excuses later on.

During our interview, Moore encourages and practices meaningful habits which make it clear his book will not be simultaneously the first and the last. He is discovering every day that his choices become his lifestyle, and he plans to sustain success for a great legacy. Gather some inspiration from a snippet of Anthony’s writing below. Grab a copy of What Extraordinary People Know as you venture out on your own drive. We are cheering you on!

“Is there a difference between average and mediocre? Not so much.”

-Seth Godin

 Every day, millions of people wake up to a dull life characterized by shallow relationships, mundane jobs, low incomes, muffin tops, uncontrollable insecurity, and endless worry about when it’s all going to stop. They change slowly and unconsciously over time – and not for the better.

 They know something is wrong. There’s a constant whisper in the back of their minds that reminds them this, a voice that can’t be silenced.

 Very few people act to silence that never-ending stream of anxiety. But there’s good news : if you’re reading this, you are taking the first step towards change! You’re part of the minority that’s actually seeking improvement. But the majority of people won’t. Why? If they knew something is wrong, why don’t they do something about it?

 This happens for many reasons. Some people are just too scared. They don’t want to rock the boat. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” they sigh as they tolerate another slap in the face from their mediocre, substandard environment. But this fear is powerful, and it can grow so powerful that it will dictate every decision you make.

 Others are too distracted. They’re so caught up in the mundane, trivial rhythms of email, traffic, work, the news, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, TV, and whatever their smartphone is buzzing about that they can’t even see their lives have become unfulfilling and profoundly empty. From the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, their eyes are drawn to the short term.

 Some people remain in mediocrity because they’re just too prideful: they like being the big fish in their small pond (even if their pond is dirty and full of toxic waste). They know they need to change, but they don’t want to start over and learn the new skills required to succeed on higher levels.


But by far the most common reason most people never rearrange their cruddy life: they simply can’t be bothered.


Feeling panicked? Depressed? Like a failure? Don’t worry. I’m just giving you the bad news first. Trust me – once you know how the game works, you’ll be ahead of 95 percent of the competition. But before you can excel in any area, you need to know what you’re up against. I haven’t even gotten to the worst part: the world actually sets you up for failure.

 I’m happy to report that you can break the cycle. I have done so myself, as have thousands of others. However, in order to do so, there is still one more thing you need to understand…and that’s that the game is set up against you. The world, society as a whole, actually wants you to stay in the trap.

MK: In the process of publishing, what is one grace you have learned to extend to yourself that you will remember when working on the next book?

AM: Writing a book or completing a large project, is about having a good system. I found that when you focus on the outcome (crossing the finish line), you are way more likely to feel stressed and anxious. Focusing on the system is key - I learned to give myself grace this way.

As long as I wrote a little each day, I knew it was only a matter of time before I finished. How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.


MK: How do you recharge your creative batteries?

AM: I am quiet, reserved, and soft-spoken, until I get with my friends. I recharge in community. I work hard, and I play hard. Sports, board games, video games, yoga, and traveling. I make intentional choices so I can live life the way I want to and spend my time the way I like to.


MK: Much of your writing is meant to bolster people into their best lives. Yet discovering our best selves takes work, a lot of it. How do you fight apathy in your weakest moments? 

AM: I used to be hyper-ambitious. “I can sleep when I’m dead!” was my motto. But even when you win in that life, you are exhausted and burnt out. Now, I take things easier. Everything is practice, and you are never going to reach the top of the mountain and be “done.” I work my butt off to build my legacy, but once it’s built and running smoothly, I can take a step back and enjoy the view. And that is awesome. 


MK: Tell us about your process of becoming an influential writer.

AM: Everything is gradual. I wrote for 4.5 years before I had any notable success. In the 2 years since I became a writer on the blogging platform Medium, everything has changed - I have a signed book deal, tens of thousands of followers, and millions of views for my work. When you are consistent for long enough, things will start to happen. Most people just never get there - you have to knock on the door of your dreams more than once!


MK: One thing I have come to really appreciate about the writing community is the great collaboration. Writers, including yourself, work together and share tips freely all the time. What are some of your thoughts about a community that works together to always be better?

 AM: I am driven by competition. I struggle in team-oriented environments - I never wanted a boss or people telling me what to do. My ideal workday is being alone with my writing and doing things the way I want. But I would not be where I am today without the help of other writers.

Nobody does it alone. Your network of writers is a huge influence on your success (or lack thereof!). Even though I prefer a more lone-wolf approach, I know how important it is to collaborate, share, learn, and grow. Relationships are incredibly important. 


MK: Thank you so much, Anthony, for taking some time to share with us about your journey and for motivating each of us to live our kick-ass life. Congratulations on this amazing achievement!

Be sure to subscribe to Anthony’s writing page here and snatch a copy of his brand-new release today. Listed for more reading are his top three titles:

Anthony Moore is a top writer on He is the author of What Extraordinary People Know: How To Cut the Busy B.S. and Live Your Kick-Ass Life. He has an M.A. in Psychology from the University of the Rockies and lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

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